5 minutes - salting
8 minutes - cooking
4 servings
Most often, we eat red fish that has already been pre-salted, but what's the point in buying it almost cooked?
In fact, the salting is quick and easy, and you can also cook your dish in a way that no culinary department will do for you.
Just use Togarashi Seishin Salt.

Why Togarashi Seishin Salt? Because fish dishes require a delicate touch and stressing of undertones.

This is just how Togarashi Seishin works. By the way, some of the salt crystals in its composition have been treated with lemon juice and fish sauce. There is no fish without a drop of lemon, as there is no Asia without Umami.
It is better to use red fish fillets for salting.

Take a flat food tray, put some salt to the bottom, put the fish skin side down, and sprinkle with Togarashi Seishin firmly. Close the tray and put it to the fridge.

In a few hours, the fish is already salted!
You can use it in sandwiches, breakfasts, or bowls according to your taste.
So you're not in a hurry? Prefer a denser texture? Prepare a gravlax!

You'll need to add some more Togarashi Seishin Salt to the red fish fillet.

Then, wrap the salted fish tightly in foil or use a vacuum sealer and leave it in the fridge for 4-6 days. You'll get a traditional Scandinavian product with a dense texture, and our Togarashi Seishin will add to the originality.
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