Togarashi Seishin Salt

Salt with red basil, chili, and spices
Tastes good on fish, seafood, and noodles

The heir to the Japanese culinary tradition, the Togarashi Seishin Salt ("Togarashi Spirit") will reveal its character in Asian fish or seafood dishes, as well as with noodles, tempura, rice, and salads. Add some Japanese spirit to your cooking!

Made from salt infused with fermented chili and basil, the Togarashi Seishin Salt includes salted red basil and the traditional Japanese mix called "shichimi togarashi." The latter contains a mixture of ginger, sesame seeds, S

ichuan peppercorns, lemon peel, and nori seaweed.

Ingredients: sea salt infused with red fermented chili, not less than 44%; sea salt infused with red basil, not less than 35%; in variable proportions — white sesame seeds, red basil dried in salt, ground Sichuan pepper, ginger dried in salt, black sesame seeds, seaweed burrow, lemon peel dried in salt.