According to Ukrainian Wikipedia, Busol is "a large migratory bird with a long, straight beak," or an ordinary stork. It is an eternal symbol of Ukraine, as ageless as the sky and salt. We watch the storks and throw fresh herbs into salt.

The Busols Craft Salt Farm opened in 2020.

If you’re from Ukraine you should remember the traditional salt traders, called Chumaks and their traveling salt-laden wagons. Salt production has always been a family business. Busols is one of such family projects. Doing this, we rely on those we personally know and buy fresh herbs from neighboring farmers with whom we have common ground.
Busols is the latest project of the Futura Culture and Innovation Foundation. For the past 12 years, Futura has been helping local Ukrainian farms. We've been growing fresh herbs, drying herbs in the Poltava region, and, partnering with the bees, producing craft honey under the brand Vasilissa Melissa.

Futura supports everything local and alive in the Ukrainian regions — just look at our Ukrainian Pollinators startup: with its help, thousands of furry bumblebees have pollinated lots of fruit trees and berries, bringing Ukraine a great harvest.
And then we went into salt
  • Oleg Degtyarenko
    The founder of the Busols Project
    The founder and visionary behind the Busols Project. Chairman of FUTURA, the Culture and Innovation Fund.
  • Vitaliy Ocheretyanyy
    Busols Curator
    In collaboration with Dasha Krikunova he created @HolyShitPepper, the brand of unusual sauces made from ordinary products. The product has been a huge hit among the consumers and chefs of the best restaurants alike.
  • Vlada Schepinskaya
    Project manager for "FUTURA" Foundation
    Handles the digital presence of the Busols brand. Devotes her free time to photography and psychology.