Red Hot Salt

Salt with chili and herbs
Tastes good on steaks, grilled dishes and marinades

Red Hot Salt will be the perfect seasoning for steaks, also ideal for grilling, and will fully unfold when marinating meat. Thanks to its balanced composition, this salt is quite universal: you will love adding it to fish and vegetable dishes and even to salads.

The aromatic coating of fermented chili covers each salt crystal and gives Red Hot Salt a specific piquancy, complemented by ground coriander, black pepper, and chopped chili. Salted green onions, cilantro, thyme, and ginger complete the recipe.

Ingredients: sea salt infused with fermented red chili, not less than 60%; in variable proportions — green onions, cilantro, green basil, ginger, thyme, rosemary dried in salt; ground black pepper and coriander, dried cut chili.