Dusky Sanchal Salt

Himalayan salt with sage and rosemary
Tastes good on eggs and any dishes with them

Dusky Sanchal Salt offers a mild flavor, moderate salinity, and a recognizable hint of volcanic black Sanchal salt, complemented by subtle notes of sage and rosemary. Thanks to the presence of black Himalayan salt, the Dusky Sanchal Salt is indispensable in dishes that contain eggs: scrambled eggs, poached eggs, egg salads, and omelet sandwiches. Try adding a recognizable egg flavor to your vegetarian meals.

The unique aroma and flavor of spicy herbs on top of Himalayan salt are complemented by granulated garlic and lemon zest, ground juniper, and black pepper.

Ingredients: pink Himalayan salt, not less than 63%; black Himalayan salt (sanchal), not less than 20%; in variable proportions — rosemary, sage, and lemon peel dried in salt; dried ground juniper and black pepper; granulated garlic.